LuckeE J: Enter Yunho

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Onwards with the Story!

LuckeE J


Disclaimer: Totally Fictional.
Warning: Explicit content. Must be of eighteen of age or older.

It was another hot day in the office. Raynne sighed as she continued on her way to her boss’ office. She was overjoyed that her communications major and unique musical tastes landed her a job in Korea, but her boss was so infuriatingly…lazy. Her stern steps were heard by her co-workers as they clicked harshly on the marble flooring. Five feet five inches with a beautiful 95-28-30 figure, she was a force to be reckoned with. Her black stilettos and black pencil skirt did little to help her on her twenty story hike to her boss’ office. He had the nerve to call her out on a boring but important board meeting. I hope he remembers his promise!

Opening the double doors, she looked around the room, looking for its inhabitant. Closing the dark mahogany doors behind her, she squinted in the dimly lighted room. It was sparsely decorated with one or two photo frames next to the computer on the large oak table. A keyboard was in the corner of a room, with a Macbook pro nearby. Glancing out at the large window–it taking up the whole wall– she gazed at the Seoul city metropolis during the lunch hour. His office was her favorite place to come to whenever she needed some beauty to spark her up. Too engrossed in the scenery, she forgot the purpose of her presence there.

She closed her eyes as the sunlight hit her face, warming it up with a gentle glow. A warm air kissed the skin at joint of her neck and shoulder. As she opened her eyes, large arms encircled her waist. Nuzzling his nose at her skin, the man breathed her Ralph perfume. Stiff with shock, Raynnealmost forgot to breathe. Suddenly remembering why she was there in the first place, she angrily turned around to her offender.

“Why were you not at the meeting?!” She said, ignoring his previous actions all together. Dressed in a suit without the jacket or the tie, he man stood there looking unfazed by the fiery spitfire in front of him. The six foot man looked at her unabashedly, even having the nerve to flutter his eyelashes. “Because I knew it’d be boring!” Anger brewing deep within her, Raynnealmost stomped her foot in frustration. “Did you have to embarrass me like that? ‘I’ll only come if Raynne comes herself.'” Hands on her waist, she was the living, breathing, angry personification of a woman scorned. Smirking, Yunho glanced down at her, his large brown eyes admiring her chest as she took large breaths to calm herself. The white blouse was too tight in the cleavage area, forcing her to unbutton one too many buttons to ease the restriction. Oddly enough, someone had stolen all her other good blouses, thus leaving her with this blouse to wear.

When she finally calmed herself, she glared at him. Seeing he was ignoring her glare, she finally noticed him staring at something, with a goofy look on his face. Following his trail, she noticed it was her chest. An angry tick formed; with a large breath she smacked his head with her fist. “Be serious here!” Getting out of his stupor, Yunho just gave her a sheepish grin, hoping it would ease her anger like most women. Lucky for him, he had the secretary who was the only one to be immune to it. Sighing, he sat on one of the couches, watching as his secretary paced in front of him, complaining at his un-professionalism.

Stopping in front of him, she protested, “You know, I don’t know why I put up with you! You only li–” She was cut off from her tirade with a hot, heady kiss from him. His passionate love was easily palpable in their connection. Shocked from the seemingly random action she just stood there as he applied more pressure. Hesitatingly, she returned the kiss. Clutching onto his white shirt, she deepened the kiss as he purred in pleasure. Shivering from the vibrations, she moved her hands to his back, clutching him for he was her only support. Pushing her onto a large armchair he continued to shower her with kisses. Reaching towards her professionally strict bun, he pulled the hairpin that held it up, letting it flow down her back. It’s cool waves falling to her lower back. “Keep your hair down,” He breathed. Her red lips bruised from his love whispered a silent plea. On his knees he gently unbuttoned the rest of her blouse. Returning the favor, they were soon both topless. Since the shirt was so tight, she had to forgo a bra, making him delighted at the lack of it. The cool air conditioning in his office made her nipples harden at the light breeze. Like a newborn babe, he suckled on one of them. Immediately, Raynne arched her back as the sharp feelings of pleasure spread throughout her body. Moaning in pleasure, she writhed as he continue to suckle on a breast, massaging the other with his large hand. Gripping at his hair, she pressed him closer.

Changing breasts, he continue to shower them with attention, letting them stand harder and redder. Breaking contact, he glanced down at his work, smirking with pride. Her eyes glazed with passion made him harder as she mewled for more attention. Quickly undoing his pants, he pushed her skirt up to her waist, only to be surprised. She was wearing no underwear. Shaking in anticipation, he held her at his waist, forcing her to wrap her long legs around him. He slowly entered her, enjoying her slick walls letting him slide easily. As he entered, he hissed at the tight feeling against his cock. She moaned his name, letting her walls contract against him. When he finally fully sheathed her, he sat down on the couch letting her sit on top of him. Putting her hand on his shoulders, she moved her hips, grinding her clitoris against him.

He closed his eyes in pleasure, moaning her name like a mantra. She breathed deeply as she continued her actions. Feeling the coil in her stomach about to spring she shouted his name for all to hear as she felt her first orgasm wash over her. Not letting her ride it out, Yunho gripped her hips and pumped into her faster, feeling her walls clench again with anticipation for the next wave. As she came once again, he yelled her name as he let her walls pump his seed  into her womb. Falling on top of him, they relaxed on the chair to regain their breaths. The sweat from the exercise made her shiver as the air conditioning brushed by her damp skin. Rubbing her back, Yunho tried to keep her warm as she snuggled deeper into him.

“You know, this doesn’t mean I forgive you, Dang-shi.” Chuckling at his wife’s antics, he waited for her to look at him. Eskimo kissing her, he grinned as he rested his forehead against her, “I know, Jagia.” Smiling her dazzling smile that made him first fall in love with her, she pecked his lips. “Do you always have to play hard to get?” Laughing, she simply smirked at him. “Karma, Love, Karma.” Getting off him languidly, Raynne stretched before reaching to her blouse. “You were the one who took all of my other good blouses, huh?” Whistling and feigning interest, Yunho dressed and fixed his appearance. “You know that was the blouse I had before I got Yuhyun and bigger breasts!” Chuckling, he simply kissed her cheek before heading towards his desk. Buttoning the rest of her blouse and fixing her skirt she followed him. She sat on his armchair as he started on his work. Looking at her watch she asked, “You know we’re going to Yuhyun’s Akkido competition, right?”