Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss

He would never know her.

She knew that .

She accepted that.

But why is there pain in her chest?

She looked at the photos in the glowing screen in front of her.

The colorful photos just seemed to mock her of what she couldn’t have.

This was it.

It’s time to let go of a love that could never be.

Even in a parallel universe.

Is it God or is it me?

It feels cruel.

A mocking laughter .

A bitter smirk adorns her face.

Good bye.

You’ll never know I loved you.

A smile, a sad broken smile.

I’ll hide behind a smile so that you’ll never know the pain I went through because of you.

It was my fault, not yours.

For falling in love with you.

Love, so fickle.

It’s a curse, right?


~ by raynneyskye on October 19, 2009.

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