Can I Stand By You?

Can I Stand By You?

Love is supposed to be beautiful.

A guy and a girl happy spending time together.

Yet, what went wrong?

She grunted in pain as he continued to thrust above her.

Their hands were wild, groping and scratching anything they could touch.

This was love?

She moaned in pain and pleasure as he hit deep in her cervix.

Each thrust was met with one of her own.

She clawed at his back as he continued to pump harshly into her.

He had to come.

His lips reached for hers, painfully enveloping them with a harsh and brutal kiss.

Was it worth all this?

They met in college.

She was two years his senior.

She wanted to become a teacher.

He wanted to become a doctor.

They clashed, but when they collided, it was beautiful.

He was handsome.

She was normal and easily overlooked.

He was rich.

She was middle-class.

He was smart.

She tried hard.

He was athletic.

She was gracefully clumsy.

Yet they were in love, right?

She practically lived in his apartment.

Every night they spent it together in each other’s arms.

It was wonderful.

But he started to talk to more girls.

She was left behind.

Yet they were in love with one another; she barely saw her friends.

Things broke.

The dam broke.

She cried.

He yelled.

She asked, “What’s wrong with me? Is there anything I need to change?”

He left the apartment.

Left her to wonder where he was.

He came home drunk.

She stayed up waiting for him.

He reached for her.

She let him.

He towered over her.

She took it in, even if he smelled like cheap perfume.

Because she loved him.

You love me, too. I know.

Underneath it all.

Her friends begged her to get out of the relationship.

She wouldn’t hear it.

She couldn’t dream of it.

He loved her, she knew it.

She threw away the pain.

Until he left her, she knew he loved her.

I can stand it all.

He didn’t come to her funeral.

She died from working hard and a broken heart.

Yet she died clinging onto his love.

I can do it as long as you love me because I love you.


~ by raynneyskye on October 19, 2009.

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