Dance With Me 01

Sexy Back?

Sexy Back?

Dance With Me

Chapter 1: Prelude and Fugue

They would always pass them practicing before and after dance practice. Both of the girls would always be practicing the same song, over and over again. Although nobody noticed them, they did. Their sweaty bodies, their rosy cheeks, and their mussed hair. They stood there in awe.

Every member of DBSK could only wonder who the passionate duo were. Everyday they passed by the room down the hall multiple times with silly excuses just to have a glimpse of them. The passion in their eyes invoked strange feelings in them, causing confusion.

It was Raynne y Skye, a new duo from America that SM had recently hired. Although they had all met at their welcoming party, DBSK were swamped by women (SNSD) and thought nothing of it.

It was now two years since they debuted in Korea and were now an international figure, not only in Asia but also in America. They, DBSK, have yet to reach America. How have these two young women capture the hearts of both the Asian and American population?

1. They were Korean-Americans.
2. They brought the music cultures together and were legit; musically talented.


DBSK stood in front of their music booth, watching them from the double-sided glass. Their faces were amusing to watch, their eyes filled with concentration.

“JaeJoong-Oppah, Yunho-Oppah!” Tiffany ran towards the two leaders, Jessica and Yoona following at calmer pace.

The two members cringed at her high-pitched squeal as well as her scantily clad wardrobe. Why did they notice now?
“Ahn-young!” They said with as much enthusiasm as they could muster up.

All the girls went to their respective DBSK members and tried to engage them in a conversation. Junsu pouted as he was blatantly ignored and pushed out of their circle. Just as he was going to leave, the door behind him opened.

There Raynne and Skye stood, halting the conversations. “Excuse me, If you don’t mind, would you please talk in the lounge or something? It’s getting rather loud.” Raynne said as politely as she could.

The SNSD trio just glanced at them before re-engaging with their partners with more boring conversations, hooking an arm (or arms for Tiffany’s case) and dragging them to the said place.

“Those newbies are so arrogant!” Tiffany said aloud to JaeJoong and Yunho.

Skye rolled her eyes, muttering, “Those unnies aren’t so hot themselves.”

Junsu laughed at the childish Skye, grabbing the duo’s attention.

“Why don’t you go with them, Sunbae?” Raynne asked.

Junsu stared at her in awe, forgetting how it was like to be respected, in THIS industry.

“I don’t have anyone to go with?” Junsu was confused himself. He could socialize without being a third-wheel, right?

Skye laughed, breaking the minute silence. “Well, Junsu-ni, want to help critique our music?”

“Yeah, We need some help at this one part. We’d love to hear your input.”

Looking at both of them, he couldn’t see why they clicked. He had heard of some of their music and couldn’t believe it came from them.

“Sure, why not?”

The room was cool and large, but the clutter of instruments in the room made him feel a bit claustrophobic. Taking off his cardigan, he let himself be comfortable, clad only in a white wife beater with black jeans.

Skye instantly went to the piano, whereas Raynne went to an electric guitar.

“All right, We got the beginning down, but near the end it get’s a bit funky.”

Junsu just nodded as he watched them ready themselves.

Skye took a deep breath before playing.

Familiar chords filled the room before Skye began.

“Tsumetai sono te kimi so seijanai / Osanaki hibi hotta kizukakae”

Junsu stood still in awe, watching as her husky, alto voice filled the room.

Raynne took Changmin’s part in the next stanza, entering with her electric guitar, “Dareka wo aiseru koto osoruteru no / Kotoba no uragawa se wo mukete.”

Dakishimeta kokoro ga koori no you ni
Sotto tokedasu

Daremo ga dare ka ni aisereru tameni
Kono you ni inochi wa kiramekaseru no sa

Sore ga moshimo boku nara
Mou ichido kimi no kokoro wo
Towa no yashashisa de atatameruyo

Unmei no itazura

Kokoro wo itametemo

Sono namida no saki ni wa

Hitosuji no hikari ga

Yami no naka maiorite

Bokura wa kizukusa

Kurushii hodo ni tsuyoku kanji ya eru
Hito no nukumori

Daremo ga motteru kanashimi ya kodoku
Iyashite moraeru basho saqashiteiru
Sou kimini wa sono basho ga koko ni arusa osorenaide
Mou mayowanaide
Boku ya mamoru

Setsuani hodo
(Skye: My Heart)
Utsukushii ai dakara
(Skye: Don’t be afraid)
Hakanai hodo
(Skye: Let u know my mind)
Uruwa shii
(Skye: U know …)
Kono toki wo
(Skye: Let you know my love)

Daremo ga dare ka ni aisereru tameni
Kono you ni inochi wa kiramekaseru no sa
Sore ga moshimo boku nara
Mou ichido kimi no kokoro wo
Towa no yashashisa de atatameruyo

Junsu sat there in shock, watching as these two girls belt out both the high and low notes in unison. His arms felt tingly as Goosebumps formed.

Skye sat next to him, chuckling. “I’m just kidding, Onii-san. We just wanted to sing this song for you because it was my favorite song.”

Raynne sat on the other side of him.

“No, we just thought that you looked sad.”

Her cool appearance clashed with the vibrant Skye on the other side. He still couldn’t see how these two could be working together when they were so opposite of one another. Besides being musically in-tune that is.

“Ne, Junsu-Nii, let’s dance!”

Junsu looked at the younger one confused. “Where?”

With an unseen signal, both girls hooked arm around both of Junsu’s empty arms.

“You’ll see.”

The Trio walked to the Wreck Room, passing the lounge without looking at the occupants; the male occupants looked in envy, wanting to follow as well.

Junsu smirked towards them as they continued down across the room, easily visible to them.

Skye and Raynne led him to a DDR machine, adorning matching smirks.

“Do you think you could beat us?”

Junsu grinned, “Of course!”

Nodding their heads, Skye and Raynne first stepped onto the platform stretching their limbs.
Skye was wearing a cute, white summer dress with black Vans whereas Raynne was wearing black shorts with a black halter with white Vans. Picking a hard song, both of them started to sway with the music.

When the first arrow approached, followed by multiple arrows, Skye and Raynne moved together as if the were reflections. The loud speakers from the platform drew in people from the lounge. The SNSD girls grimaced in distaste, watching the duo sweat and laugh.

They murmured to themselves, claiming that the two of them couldn’t dance in real-life.

Skye overhearing them tapped Raynne’s arm as they continued the song.
“Let’s dance.”

Skye jumped sideways, stepping on the arrows in a 90 degrees fashion. Raynne followed suit, facing Skye. Both of them started to include arm moves, slides, and eventually switching sides with Raynne.

The boys were cheering and enjoying the spectacle whereas the SNSD girls glared with hatred from the sides.

“Who likes sweaty girls?” they murmured to themselves. “So gross!” Tiffany cried.

Meanwhile, Changmin was shivering with anticipation. “Junsu-hyung, let’s play next!”
JaeJoong and Yunho were laughing and talking to each other. “They look pretty cute like that.”
Yoochun just smiled and jumped around with Changmin.

“At least THEY can dance.”


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