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LuckeE J

Disclaimer: Fictional situations based on real people.

Blah blah= Lyrics or emphasis

Blah blah= background scenario

“Blah blah”= Talking

Perhaps it was by chance.

The black and white cars stopped at a stoplight.

Time was going by fast, too fast. Raynne quickly walked out of the large campus and onto the semi-busy road back home. Clutching her books to her chest, she set out for home, leaving the large dusty Seoul University behind her.

I’m going to pass through quickly

Well I just wonder which season I’ve already passed

I walk passed the scenery I’m already use to seeing

I can’t slip away from the far away memories alone like this

If she was walking down that same path a few months ago, she’d still be in awe of the large trees above her. It was the height of spring, and flowers have blossomed on the trees, snowing upon the walking inhabitants underneath. However, with spring, came midterms. Brushing by people and muttering her human nutrition terms under her breath, she was unable to see exactly where she was going.

Pain and white stars danced in front of her eyes. Dizzy from the impact of the blow, she noticed it was only her head that was spinning. Holding delicate hands to her head, Raynne tried to keep the world from moving around. Finally after it all calmed down, she noticed that she wasn’t on the hard ground. Instead she was sitting on someone’s lap, her head resting on a strong, broad chest.

Ignoring the odd stares of the passing people, she glanced at her “chair”. Fixing her glasses, she found herself on a man. Clad in a black beanie, dark sunglasses, a navy blue v-neck, black and white long-sleeved flannel, and skinny jeans the man looked down at her with a sheepish smile. Since she was so close to him, she immediately knew who he was. Amazed at his presence, Raynne blinked owlishly at him, trying to discern whether he was truly the Mickey from DBSK.

Shock ran through her body. Wincing and waiting for the impending large screams, Yoochun was shocked at her calm composure. Standing up and brushing the dust from her jeans, she held a hand for him. She was surprised herself that she was acting so calm, despite the fact that in the inside, she was glittery and nervous.

The two cars sped off when the signal changed, constantly staying at the same course.

So that I don’t lose the place that I go to…

That time I met you

On this street, I met you by chance

Even now I don’t forget, from that day on

Everything, like the sad things, the things I carried in anxiety, everything

Through your warmth changes into memories

Proud of your love

Her soft gaze filled him with warmth; he felt giddy, there was finally someone normal around him.  The strange feelings she invoked in him made him want to run; he doesn’t even know her name. She probably knows everything about him. He told himself he couldn’t do it. All the previous girls proved that he couldn’t. No, no more pain for anyone. Yet as much as he didn’t want to, he did. He took her hand.

The black car sped in front of the white car, leading it passed the traffic.

The two shells I picked up

Once again the miracle of being able to meet you

If you let me be by your side

The inside of my heart will begin to have kind feelings

Raynne couldn’t believe this was happening. They were actually together. Their bodies boldly touched as they danced to their ancestral dance. The empty feelings in the both of them started to fill up, at a frightening speed.

The white car was close to the black car, almost rear-ending it with its close approximation.

Even if a violent rain is falling

Even in strong winds

His angry eyes scared her. It cut through the darkness. He wasn’t angry at her, yet he was. He thought it was all a game, an experiment, a test of his own heart. Yet he was angry at the outcome. His most feared event was happening and he didn’t want it. He couldn’t have it. Why? Her tears made his heart clench in pain. But he ignored it. Glancing at her one last time, he left, ignoring her cries. The monsoon winds whistled through his ears, yet he could still hear her.

The black car angrily roared its engine before veering off course and down the hill, leaving the white car behind.

I will protect this love

If you are here then surely I can get over this

Because I am beginning to be able to think like this, so that I never lose this hand

Let’s always look towards the important times

Music was his solace. Music was her solace. He could see her in everything he did. “What’s wrong, Yoochun? What’s with the sad lyrics?” Jae Joong questioned. Pain continued to build every day. Nothing could give him any succor.

Skye was dumbfounded at the depressed picture Raynne made on her sofa, staring out at nothing. The phone rang and still, Raynne  didn’t run to answer it with hopes of it being him.  Skye picked it up, ready to kill the person on the other line when it was Sharon, Raynne’s best friend. Silently handing the phone, Raynne picked it up, laughing in her mind at her lack of reaction.

“Raynne, I was wondering if you could visit me in Rhode Island for the winter break. I think it’ll be a good way to easy your mind and your heart. Jared and I wouldn’t mind.”

Glancing at the concerned face of Skye, Raynne knew she shouldn’t stay here any longer. Her year at Seoul is ending as it was. There was no reason for her to stay.



He was livid. Red poured into his line of vision, figuratively. The phone in his hand was dropped into the wet streets as he continued to storm across the familiar path to her house, oblivious to the harsh raindrops on his skin. She was leaving him for good, and he couldn’t let that happen. Not when he knew he couldn’t let go of the best thing that happened to him since being in DBSK.

The apartment was sparsely furnished, his things untouched. Her belongings were packed neatly in two suitcases by the door. He was afraid that he missed her, but the sound of the shower running let him know where she was.

She’d miss the shower head, the smell of his body soap and shampoo mingling with her own, and him.  Letting the water rush over her, she let herself enjoy this last shower in Korea. The hot water ran over her head, blocking out the sounds outside her head.

He stood there, watching her stand under the shower head. Quickly disrobing, he entered the shower. The cool gust of air was only the little warning she got before a familiar body pressed against her back. Large, strong arms encircled her small body. Instantly she started crying in fright and pain; she tried to wrench herself out of his grasp.

“No! Please, No! Not now!”

She cried and hollered, clawing at his hands and at anything she could reach. Yet with all the desperate tries, nobody would come for her. Not with the soundproof walls surrounding them.

Defeated, she sobbed on his shoulder, tired from the countless battles. He held her to him, trying to remember everything about her; her scent, her hair, her skin, her love.  Goosebumps formed, whether from the change in temperature or him, who knew, making her shiver, pressing her to him. Groaning at the slight friction caused by the action, he started to trail kisses down her neck. Her sobbing died down as she was confused at his actions. Did he not want her?

Tiredly she pushed herself away from him, her back meeting the cool shower wall.  “Why?” That was the only thing she could ask. Her face was shallow, sunken in by the lack of nutrition. Her body was even thinner than before and he could see her ribs poking out from her skin. Devastated at what he had caused, he fell to his knees, crying with shame and sorrow. Wrapping his large arms around her waist, he nuzzled his head at her stomach, silently asking her to forgive him.

Hesitantly, her arms wrapped around his head, telling him all was forgiven. Smirking into her skin, he knew just how to make it up to her. Shuddering at sudden change in the atmosphere, Raynne never knew what would exactly hit them…her.

Wet kisses danced around her stomach, making her squirm at the forgotten yet familiar feeling.  Trailing downwards, he nipped at her nether lips. Lifting her up on to his shoulders, he entered the warm cavern. Bursts of light exploded under her lidded eyes as she moaned her pleasure at his tongue. He continued to suckle at her, making her feel more and more pleasure with each flick of a tongue or nibble. After her third climax, he licked at all her juices, moaning into her skin. She tasted pure and sweet, making his member throb at what it would do.

Standing up, he wrapped her long legs around his waist, securing her for the ride. Pushing himself into her, he pumped into her with an unimagined roughness. Gripping at her waist, he continued to pound into her against the wall, slapping her bottom with each thrust.

“Say you want my cock, Bitch” Yoochun commanded, grabbing a breast and pulling on a nipple.

Cumming at the words, she breathily said, “I want your cock!” Her voice was already hoarse from her screams of pleasure.

He continued to pound into her. Suddenly, he pushed her down and entered from behind, her breast and cheek pushed against the cool wall. A hand went down to play with her swollen clit while he pulled on her hair. “Cum for me, my Bitch!”

Screaming his name, she felt her release start off his own, his seed emptying into her womb. Sighing, she fell against him, knowing he’d catch her. Resting his forehead on hers he looked at her as they panted for breath. “Marry me.”

Finishing their shower, he carried her off to their bed to continue their lovemaking.

Meanwhile, a very impatient Skye was distracted by her husband whereas a clueless Sharon sat in her boyfriend’s lap.

Under the rain, the black car stood in front of the white car.

On this street, we met by chance

Even now I don’t forget, from that day forward

Living, believing, will this is change into happiness

Forever, let’s walk together

Proud of your love

“Dang-shi, Hurry up!” Yoochun said, YooHyun on his shoulder. Broken from her reverie, Raynne smiled brightly to her husband and son, forgetting the cloudy past. “Yobo, wait for me!” Clutching at his free hand, they continued to their journey to Seoul University, under the cherry blossom road.

The black and white car faded into the fog. In the sunrise, a silver Ford Expedition stood in their wake.

The End.

Note: Ford Expedition is not mine, but it could hold up to 5-6 sons comfortably.


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