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LuckeE J

Disclaimer: TFS- Totally Fictional Situations.
Warning: Explicit content. Must be of eighteen of age or older.

It was nearing the end of summer, yet the dying day was still hot. “Take a hot shower whenever you’re hot!” Skye’s voice rang through Raynne’s mind. Releasing her messy bun, dark brown tresses fell to the girl’s lower back. The cool black marble flooring made her hot body cool a little. Entering the vast bathroom, the pale college student shuddered at the thought of the impending midterms as she glanced at the multicolored post-its on the mirror. Staring at herself, she grimaced at the mirror, her reflection displeasing. Black bags drooped from her tired green eyes. If the heat didn’t kill her, the tests would.

Turning on the stereo nearby, she let the sounds of Coldplay wash over hear, slightly easing her tiredness. She ignored the large bathtub in favor of a quick shower; she had to go back to studying as soon as possible. Stepping through the glass shower door, she let the cold water splash against her hot skin. As the water warmed, steam floated up, clouding everything in the room.

The music was soft as the elevator opened to the floor of his penthouse. Knowing that his little cat was not expecting his early return, he quietly ran around the large flat, eager to ease her stress.

After fifteen minutes of preparation, he knew that she was going to be getting out of the shower soon. Dressing the appropriate clothing for the special occasion, he quickly walked to the master bathroom. The steam brushed by his face, instantly making his face red from the heat. Leaning against the white marble sink and filing the post-it idea in his mind, he watched as she finished her shower. The steam was frosted at the right parts of the glass, preventing him from peeking at her form. Growling low to himself, he mentally noted to fix it to a non-fog glass shower door. Remembering the reason for his visit, he quickly did what he needed to do and ran out the door just as the shower shut off.

The hot shower did wonders to her sore body, causing her to go pass her designated time period. Wrapping the large fluffy towel around her body, she squeezed the excess water out of her hair. Flipping it over a slim shoulder, she stepped out, feeling instantly cooler as the steam drifted off with her body heat. Reaching over her pile of clothes, she found them to be her string bikini rather than her tank top and shorts. Instantly she could smell the faint Aqua Di Gio on her clothes and in the air. Shaking her head at his antics, she quickly put on the “bikini”, which was held up only by a few choice pieces of blue string. She grimaced at how it barely covered her breasts and her lower regions. Sighing, she walked out of the bathroom.

The first thing she saw was blue rose petals leading her outside to the private balcony with the hot spring. Giggling cutely to herself, she followed them, instantly forgetting her midterms. Stepping out to the balcony, she felt as if she stepped into a secluded forest. She never failed to be in awe at the lavishly decorated hot spring. It was cut from a blue rock and the natural moss covered floor made it look natural despite its unnatural color. There in the center of the hot spring was her lover, his back to her. His head was tilted up, looking at the orange hued sky. The little Japanese maple trees failed to block the sky’s beauty from them, but rather accenting it with its red colored leaves.

Tone arms rested on the rock as the hot spring continued to give off steam. He looked like a forbidden water fairy from a fantasy movie. Raynne quietly tip-toed to his unsuspecting back, excited to surprise him herself. She kneeled behind him, giving him a back massage. Leaning his head against her abundant bosom, he closed his eye in contentment. He wasn’t expecting her massage, but he wasn’t one to protest. He had before in the past, but she was such a stubborn spitfire that he knew not to, anymore.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Junsu turned around to see his love. There kneeling in front of him, she looked at him in question. Laughing he reached up to her and gave her a chaste kiss. Gathering her in his arms, he gently lowered her to his lap. Shifting her so that she faced him, he hugged her tightly. Nuzzling at her neck, he smiled on her skin as he felt her shift and brush his black hair with her fingers.

Her flowery yet spicy scent calmed his tired body and brought him much pleasure. Kissing her neck, he continued to shower her with kisses. Moaning at a particular hard kiss at the juncture of her neck, he continued ravaging her. Standing up, he leaned her against the side of the rock that slightly jutted out from the wall. Shifting part of the blind like strings, he was able to unveil her rosy buds. Diving in before she could register it, he suckled on one while he rolled the other with his hand.

Legs wrapped around his waist, Junsu was able to enjoy her without the fear of dropping her. Using his teeth, he slightly bit at the redden nipple, causing her to squeal at the contradictory feelings of pain and pleasure. Switching to the other side, he let his hands squeeze her butt, pushing her toward his harden member. He had decided long ago to forgo trunks when it came to the hot spring and was glad he did.

Tightening her legs around his waist, she impatiently pulled on one of his side bangs. “More,” She moaned, as he continued to tease her nipples. Smirking into her skin, he continued his slow pace in enjoying her body, secretly pleased that she wanted him so much. His hands roamed everywhere making her feel hotter with each brush of his hand. Groaning impatiently, she pleaded with him to ease her pain.

Quickly holding her up, he sat her on his shoulders. Leaning her butt on the rock, he brushed passed the strings and licked her dripping core. Splayed over the rock she writhed at the intense feeling. He continued to lick at her, his coarse tongue driving her crazy. Moving his hand towards her hand, he guided it to a breast, letting her long fingers roll the nipple. Continuing the movement, she continued playing with a breast as his fingers danced patterns on her stomach. His tongue flicked at her bundle of nerves, causing her to moan and jump.

Quickening the movements of his tongue, she was able to orgasm from his petting. He always made her daring and adventuresome, increasing her sexual prowess. Lying on the cool rock, she shivered as she felt her orgasm pass. Feeling exhilarated and relaxed for the first time, she felt him move in front of her. Gently carrying her back down to the water, he let her body warm up in the hot water. Rubbing her skin, he gently sat her on his lap. Facing him, she blushed at his intense stare. He sat there admiring her shy expression. Despite her eagerness in bed, she could be quite the shy girl whenever she was sober.

Licking the skin covering her pulsing vein, she tilted her neck to the side to give him more excess. She mewled as he continued to distract her from her earlier embarrassment. Pushing his throbbing member at her core, she moaned at the slight friction. Pushing back, he quickly entered her. Her tight, hot walls clenched against his member, causing him to groan at her neck. Sliding in and out of her in a slow pace, he urged her to want more. Not failing to disappoint, she growled and glared at him, her switch in place. Leaning back in his seat, he let her set her legs at his hips. Grinding, she moaned as she rode his cock. It hit deep within her with each push. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her working him. Holding her hips, he steadied her as she continued to find their pleasure together.

Gripping his shoulders, she continued to move her hips, feeling each thrust hit deep within her. The friction near her clitoris made her cum instantaneously. He smiled as she rested on top of him, breathing hard from the strenuous exercise. Brushing her damp hair, he enjoyed the feeling of being buried deep within her. They sat there, enjoying the atmosphere and one another’s presence. Sitting up, she slowly eased herself off of him, whimpering at the lost. Now sitting next to him, she cuddled to his side as he rested an arm on her shoulder. They both looked at the sky, watching the reds, blues, pinks, violets, oranges and blacks clash with the dying sun.

Feeling her breathe deeply, Junsu knew she was sleeping. Gathering her into his large arms, he got out of the hot spring. Walked towards their shared bedroom, he set her on the bed. Lying next to her, he watched the night sky through the glass roof. Her head rested on his arm as she cuddled near his side for warmth. Even though he would have leave soon for the tour in Malaysia, he was glad he was able to enjoy some time with her. Thinking of the small box in his coat, he knew he’ll be asking her soon and after the tour and midterms. Happy with what he had so far, he continued to look at the twinkling stars. Happy Autumn!

(Author’s note: Apparently his favorite season is Autumn)


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