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LuckeE J

Jae Joong

Disclaimer: Purely fictional situations

Raynne glanced out the thirtieth floor window, watching the snow drift down. Sitting on the little alcove it provided, she balled herself under the red flannel throw. He wasn’t coming. He lied. It was already the third month without any of his promised letters. It was bad enough they couldn’t even enjoy their honeymoon, being mobbed by fans everywhere. Tears helplessly fell from her sorrowful eyes as she reminisced about the few memories they shared. A warm hand fell on her shoulder. “It’s okay Skye, I’m okay, really.” The said hand handed her a cup of hot tea. Sitting up, Raynne let her forehead rest on the cool window, while the hot tea warmed her hand. The hand on her shoulder didn’t leave, but gave her a sense of comfort.

The silence was deafening, but the only thing anchoring her in the world was the hand on her shoulder. Closing her eyes painfully slow, she sighed feeling tired of the world. Raynne spent most of the time cooking with Skye and her husband, learning to be a proficient cook. But cooking wasn’t her passion, and it too slowly bored her. Unable to fill the empty void in her heart, she would rearrange their furniture, only to find it too painful with all the memories hidden within the rooms. Thankfully, Skye tried to occupy her with various tasks and let her live in the extra guest room. But Skye couldn’t always be there. Working as a full time mom and personal chef is difficult while trying to help a emotionally fragile friend.

Raynne glanced out the window, staring at the lights beneath past the snow flurries. She chuckled brokenly, as she watched the people walk in the cold, with couples huddled together under the same umbrella. So lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice herself being carried to her room and onto her bed, placing the forgotten tea cup on the nearby bed table. Clad only in a silky black nightgown, it hung on her thin frame, her constant boredom and depression preventing her from eating anything but what Skye could shove down.

Large, calloused hands gently laid her down on the silk bed sheets, it’s cool velvet texture feeling like water. The dark room, illuminated only by her red Chinese lamp by her bed post, personified her own heart. The hands roamed over her body, massaging the limbs to stimulate the blood. Feeling warm after a long time, Raynne moaned at the comforting feeling, waking from her brief comatose state. The shadow of a man stood over her, but strangely, she felt calm and relaxed for the first time. His Aqua Di Gio made her feel as if she had taken her first breath of air. Now knowing who was above her, she couldn’t help but let the tears fall with happiness.

Bending down to kiss the tears away, Raynne was now able to see his face in the dim light. Jae Joong, her Jae Joong, looked worn and tired himself, bags under his eyes testifying to long nights. On the outside, he looked fine, but she knew he was just as worn as she was, as his iridescent eyes stared at her, and only her. With each breath, she felt her strength returning. The desire to touch him too great, she wrapped her arms around his neck, leading him to a much overdue kiss. As their lips touched, they instantly opened their mouths to a tongue battle for dominance. His slick tongue pushed past hers, exploring every inch of the cavern. Moaning deep from the back of throat, she let her hands wander his body. Each touch reminded her of what she had forgotten; every crevice, muscle, and skin was not left untouched. When they broke from their kiss, she cried tears of joy, knowing he was truly there and not a dream. Reach to his face, she held her hand on his cheek. His eyes closed comfortably, a smile adoring his face. She continued to stare at him as he enjoyed her presence.

Opening his eyes, Jae Joong stared down at her, his eyes apologetic for all the broken promises. Tense for her reaction, he instantly relax as she smiled at him with understanding and forgiveness. Rubbing his nose on hers he whispered the only words spoken that night, “Thank you.” Hugging her, she hugged him back, enjoying the warmth and silent communication only they could understand. As they held each other for a few minutes, Jae Joong reluctantly released her so he could look at her face. She glanced up at him with pure trust in her eyes as she laid there waiting for his next move. Unable to help himself, Jae Joong kissed her again, this time desperate and with need. His hands made quick work of her nightgown, leaving her in her birthday suit. Blushing, Raynne tried to cover herself, but Jae Joong, pushed her arms to her side, shaking his head. Her black hair sprawled on her white pillow gave her the image of a fallen goddess, whereas her pale skin stood out amongst it. At the glance of her large breasts, he lost himself to his passion for this little woman. Suckling on a breast, he let go of his hand in favor of massaging a breast. Arching her back towards his mouth, she mewled with pleasure at the sudden action. Feeling his button up shirt against her skin, she quickly removed his shirt and unzipped his jeans. It being tight jeans, they had to pause their actions in order to get them off (:D)

After all the clothes were tossed to the floor, they resumed their lovemaking as if nothing had happened. Trailing wet kisses down her stomach, he stopped in front of her vaginal lips. Their heady scent drove him crazy as the sweet glistening nectar called out for him to taste. Unable to resist, he kissed those lips, letting his tongue drive up the tight cavern. The taste of her made him shudder with pleasure as she cried out his name with joy. As he continued to lick at her flowing juices, he applied pressure at her bundle of nerves with his teeth, enjoying her squirming underneath him. Holding her hips, he relentlessly attacked, causing her to orgasm. Shuddering at the strength of her orgasm, she moaned as he greedily licked up the overflowing nectar.

Climbing up to her mouth like a snake, he kissed her hard, allowing her to taste herself on his lips. Filled with an overwhelming feeling of want, she wrapped herself against him, rubbing her wet lips to his hard member. Groaning at the friction, he grounded back. As he felt himself get slick from her natural juices, he let himself slide into her waiting warmth, hissing with pain and pleasure at her tight sheath. Clenching him for all he’s worth, which is a lot, she ‘punished’ him for leaving her alone for so long unattended to. Taking shuddering breaths, he nipped at her neck in apology and amusement at her childish antics. For revenge, he slowly slid out of her, feeling her clench at him to bring in despite her intentions. Smirking at her body’s reaction, he slowly re-entered her. Following the slow pace, he felt her trying to speed the process. Growling at the torturous pace, she glared daggers at him. Chuckling, he kissed her nose and started to pump faster.

Wrapping her long, tone legs around his waist for leverage, she met each thrust with her own. Seeing light shows behind her lidded eyes at each thrust, she chanted his name in a mantra. Breathing shakily, he continued his fast pace. Feeling his impending release, he flipped her over to her knees without breaking his rhythm. Driving harder into her, Raynne moaned into her arms as she was lifted onto his penetrating cock. With the coil springing from the force of his thrusts, she felt her orgasm wash over her. The walls clenched his member with a vice grip, causing his own release. Slowing down, they rode out their orgasm, feeling the spasms wash over them like water.

Falling onto the bed, he wrapped his arms around her, still deep within her. Resting her head on his shoulder, she closed her eyes, finally feeling the peace she deserved. His broad shoulders hit her back, giving her a sense of comfort. Kicking the comforter over them, Jae Joong nuzzled his face into her hair, appreciating the mix of their scents.

As the sleeping couple slept soundly, the doors to the condo opened. Skye, the short oddball personal chef of the famous DongBangShinGi walked in expecting to see her friend still at the window only to see her gone with the flannel throw on the floor; it trailing to her slightly opened door. Peeking into the door, she and her husband looked in only to see the slumbering couple in dreamland. Giggling, she whispered naughty things to her husband, not knowing that the slumbering male had sensitive hearing. Lifting his head, he glared at the young girl, who was like an adopted sister, but annoying nonetheless. Weakly chuckling, the small girl waved as she and her husband walked out of the room, their faces pale and ashen from the death glare. Looking at each other, they nodded in understanding. They left the mail bag full of letters in front of the door for Raynne to read. The letters were lost and sent to the wrong apartment complex; in fact the apartment complex across the street. Walking to their own bedroom, they quietly talked about what they saw. Seeing how late it was, they quickly went to bed.

Meanwhile, in the dark room next door, Jae Joong glanced down at the angel in his arms. The moonlight hit her face, giving her an unearthly glow. Smiling and thanking God above him, he snuggled into her warmth. He forgot the unreplied letters and was just happy to be with her. Setting his head on the pillow he let sleep take him. Inside his heart, he felt it warm up and its fire burn steadily. Raynne snuggled closer to him, feeling warm everywhere, even in the inside.


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