LuckeE J: Enter Changmin

Glasses and Black Suit and Short Hair

Glasses and Black Suit and Short Hair

Mood: Depressed
Music on Repeat: I Miss You

LuckeE J

It was another typical day for E.J. Shim. She cleaned in the morning, went grocery shopping in the afternoon, and had the rest of the day to kill. Laying on the plush white loveseat, she shivered in anticipation. Thankfully, God has blessed her with a great day; today was the day she was finally going to make love. He would never know what hit him.

It has been a long month for the both of them.

Changmin was busy touring in Southern Asia. Although he was reluctant to leave his wife so early in their marriage, being a member of DBSK calls for constant attention. Due to the popularity of the group, E.J. would be unable to follow him in the tours, in danger from the rabid fan girls. Thankfully, Changmin was able to call E.J. every day on their couple phones; he could afford the international charges.

The house was cool and dark, just the way he liked it. Stepping through the automated door, Changmin could see the starry night from his penthouse flat. The shimmering lights from Seoul below casted holiday lights into the room, subtle enough to be pleasing to the eyes. The only thing missing from the picture was his lovely wife. She’d be in for a big surprise; he came an hour earlier than planned!

Walking towards their bedroom, he noticed the door was slightly ajar. Silently sliding through, he noticed her figure in the middle of the large bed.  Boy was HE in for a surprise! Her wet hair shined with the Seoul lights from the window as she writhed in pleasure. Her naked body was still wet from her previous bath and her sweat combined with her exercise. Her long fingers were lost between her legs as they played her like a harp. One hand was on a nipple, teasing and pinching it as if it were a mouth. Watching her mewl with pleasure was all he could take. Quickly stripping, he silently worked his way next to her.

E.J. was frustrated. No matter how much she came, she could not feel relieved. The heat from the bath did little to help alleviate her mood. Since she had an hour to get ready, she thought she’d try to relieve some of the tension from below.

By the time he reached her side, the blanket beneath her was wet from the juices she secreted. Growling deep from his throat, he took charge. She shouldn’t waste such juices! With a vengeance, he descended onto her nether lips, capturing the falling liquid onto his tongue. He grabbed the finger rubbing her clit and continued to pleasure her herself. Another hand fell upon a nipple, tweaking and teasing it as her other hand was. She instantly came into his mouth as his tongue eagerly lapped the nectar.

She could only moan and breathe deeply as she tried to catch her breath. No one could make her feel such away besides her husband. Climbing up her body, leaving some kisses on the way, he finally hovered above her, reaching her mouth. He devoured her mouth with a hungry kiss. So consumed with showing her how much he missed her, he didn’t realize her tying something to his hands. When they parted he glanced at her with love, happy to be with her again. Yet her eyes were glinting with a devious look.

Pulling the velvet ribbons together, she quickly tied them up, causing his arms to be raised above him. He looked at her dumbfounded as she slowly climbed down his body, her back facing him. “This is what you get for interrupting me.”

Slowly, she bent towards the head of his cock, licking the head. The large, engorged member flinched at the slight touches. He moaned as she continued her descent. Taking the large member into her mouth, she moved her tongue around it, letting her small hands grab any exposed area. Her wet pussy hovered above him, taunting him with what he could have. He tried to crane his neck up to kiss the dripping lips but she would quickly evade him.
He moaned at the pleasure she gave him. Yet being unable to taste her drove him crazy; He was reduced to tugging on the ribbons as she continued her attentions. Below her, the struggling man finally pulled free of his bonds.
Grabbing her butt, he finally tasted her as a drop fell onto his face.  E.J. took out the penis out of her mouth, moaning at the sensation.  Continuing the massage, she gasped, “This…is your punishment!” Changmin continued to ravage her, enjoying the taste of her nectar on his tongue. They came together in a matter of moments, her walls tightening around his tongue as his cock twitched in its release.

Sitting up, E.J. lay besides Changmin. His warmth was inviting and she missed the security his arms brought as he cradled her to his side.  “That was mean!” Changmin pouted, his eyes closed in contentment. “You shouldn’t have surprised me like that,” E.J. cutely retorted, chuckling as she snuggled closer to his arms.
“Then that means I can punish you too, right?”

Before E.J. could ponder about his statement, he had already held her in his arms and walked into the bathroom. The large bathroom held a mirror that covered an entire wall. In front of it was a barber-stool-like chair for Changmin’s hair. Sitting down in it, he sat E.J. on top of him. Lifting her legs onto the arm rests, he spread her legs out. E.J. could only blush as she could see everything he did to her.

His large hands travelled around her body, dipping into her dripping wet lips. He slowly slid his member into her quivering lips. Her wet walls allowed him to slide in easily without any pain. Steadying her waist, he pumped into her slowly, watching themselves on the large mirror.

“You’re so beautiful.”


“I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.”


“I love you.”

With each statement, he pumped into her as deep as he could. E.J. forgot her own embarrassment as the alluring picture in front of her played continuously. She could see where they were connected as one, the sweat on their bodies, and Changmin’s handsome face scrunch up with concentration with each thrust.
Who knew punishment could be so fun?


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