Can I Stand By You?

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Can I Stand By You?

Love is supposed to be beautiful.

A guy and a girl happy spending time together.

Yet, what went wrong?

She grunted in pain as he continued to thrust above her.

Their hands were wild, groping and scratching anything they could touch.

This was love?

She moaned in pain and pleasure as he hit deep in her cervix.

Each thrust was met with one of her own.

She clawed at his back as he continued to pump harshly into her.

He had to come.

His lips reached for hers, painfully enveloping them with a harsh and brutal kiss.

Was it worth all this?

They met in college.

She was two years his senior.

She wanted to become a teacher.

He wanted to become a doctor.

They clashed, but when they collided, it was beautiful.

He was handsome.

She was normal and easily overlooked.

He was rich.

She was middle-class.

He was smart.

She tried hard.

He was athletic.

She was gracefully clumsy.

Yet they were in love, right?

She practically lived in his apartment.

Every night they spent it together in each other’s arms.

It was wonderful.

But he started to talk to more girls.

She was left behind.

Yet they were in love with one another; she barely saw her friends.

Things broke.

The dam broke.

She cried.

He yelled.

She asked, “What’s wrong with me? Is there anything I need to change?”

He left the apartment.

Left her to wonder where he was.

He came home drunk.

She stayed up waiting for him.

He reached for her.

She let him.

He towered over her.

She took it in, even if he smelled like cheap perfume.

Because she loved him.

You love me, too. I know.

Underneath it all.

Her friends begged her to get out of the relationship.

She wouldn’t hear it.

She couldn’t dream of it.

He loved her, she knew it.

She threw away the pain.

Until he left her, she knew he loved her.

I can stand it all.

He didn’t come to her funeral.

She died from working hard and a broken heart.

Yet she died clinging onto his love.

I can do it as long as you love me because I love you.


Ignorance Is Bliss

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Ignorance is Bliss

He would never know her.

She knew that .

She accepted that.

But why is there pain in her chest?

She looked at the photos in the glowing screen in front of her.

The colorful photos just seemed to mock her of what she couldn’t have.

This was it.

It’s time to let go of a love that could never be.

Even in a parallel universe.

Is it God or is it me?

It feels cruel.

A mocking laughter .

A bitter smirk adorns her face.

Good bye.

You’ll never know I loved you.

A smile, a sad broken smile.

I’ll hide behind a smile so that you’ll never know the pain I went through because of you.

It was my fault, not yours.

For falling in love with you.

Love, so fickle.

It’s a curse, right?

Dance With Me 01

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Sexy Back?

Sexy Back?

Dance With Me

Chapter 1: Prelude and Fugue

They would always pass them practicing before and after dance practice. Both of the girls would always be practicing the same song, over and over again. Although nobody noticed them, they did. Their sweaty bodies, their rosy cheeks, and their mussed hair. They stood there in awe.

Every member of DBSK could only wonder who the passionate duo were. Everyday they passed by the room down the hall multiple times with silly excuses just to have a glimpse of them. The passion in their eyes invoked strange feelings in them, causing confusion.

It was Raynne y Skye, a new duo from America that SM had recently hired. Although they had all met at their welcoming party, DBSK were swamped by women (SNSD) and thought nothing of it.

It was now two years since they debuted in Korea and were now an international figure, not only in Asia but also in America. They, DBSK, have yet to reach America. How have these two young women capture the hearts of both the Asian and American population?

1. They were Korean-Americans.
2. They brought the music cultures together and were legit; musically talented.


DBSK stood in front of their music booth, watching them from the double-sided glass. Their faces were amusing to watch, their eyes filled with concentration.

“JaeJoong-Oppah, Yunho-Oppah!” Tiffany ran towards the two leaders, Jessica and Yoona following at calmer pace.

The two members cringed at her high-pitched squeal as well as her scantily clad wardrobe. Why did they notice now?
“Ahn-young!” They said with as much enthusiasm as they could muster up.

All the girls went to their respective DBSK members and tried to engage them in a conversation. Junsu pouted as he was blatantly ignored and pushed out of their circle. Just as he was going to leave, the door behind him opened.

There Raynne and Skye stood, halting the conversations. “Excuse me, If you don’t mind, would you please talk in the lounge or something? It’s getting rather loud.” Raynne said as politely as she could.

The SNSD trio just glanced at them before re-engaging with their partners with more boring conversations, hooking an arm (or arms for Tiffany’s case) and dragging them to the said place.

“Those newbies are so arrogant!” Tiffany said aloud to JaeJoong and Yunho.

Skye rolled her eyes, muttering, “Those unnies aren’t so hot themselves.”

Junsu laughed at the childish Skye, grabbing the duo’s attention.

“Why don’t you go with them, Sunbae?” Raynne asked.

Junsu stared at her in awe, forgetting how it was like to be respected, in THIS industry.

“I don’t have anyone to go with?” Junsu was confused himself. He could socialize without being a third-wheel, right?

Skye laughed, breaking the minute silence. “Well, Junsu-ni, want to help critique our music?”

“Yeah, We need some help at this one part. We’d love to hear your input.”

Looking at both of them, he couldn’t see why they clicked. He had heard of some of their music and couldn’t believe it came from them.

“Sure, why not?”

The room was cool and large, but the clutter of instruments in the room made him feel a bit claustrophobic. Taking off his cardigan, he let himself be comfortable, clad only in a white wife beater with black jeans.

Skye instantly went to the piano, whereas Raynne went to an electric guitar.

“All right, We got the beginning down, but near the end it get’s a bit funky.”

Junsu just nodded as he watched them ready themselves.

Skye took a deep breath before playing.

Familiar chords filled the room before Skye began.

“Tsumetai sono te kimi so seijanai / Osanaki hibi hotta kizukakae”

Junsu stood still in awe, watching as her husky, alto voice filled the room.

Raynne took Changmin’s part in the next stanza, entering with her electric guitar, “Dareka wo aiseru koto osoruteru no / Kotoba no uragawa se wo mukete.”

Dakishimeta kokoro ga koori no you ni
Sotto tokedasu

Daremo ga dare ka ni aisereru tameni
Kono you ni inochi wa kiramekaseru no sa

Sore ga moshimo boku nara
Mou ichido kimi no kokoro wo
Towa no yashashisa de atatameruyo

Unmei no itazura

Kokoro wo itametemo

Sono namida no saki ni wa

Hitosuji no hikari ga

Yami no naka maiorite

Bokura wa kizukusa

Kurushii hodo ni tsuyoku kanji ya eru
Hito no nukumori

Daremo ga motteru kanashimi ya kodoku
Iyashite moraeru basho saqashiteiru
Sou kimini wa sono basho ga koko ni arusa osorenaide
Mou mayowanaide
Boku ya mamoru

Setsuani hodo
(Skye: My Heart)
Utsukushii ai dakara
(Skye: Don’t be afraid)
Hakanai hodo
(Skye: Let u know my mind)
Uruwa shii
(Skye: U know …)
Kono toki wo
(Skye: Let you know my love)

Daremo ga dare ka ni aisereru tameni
Kono you ni inochi wa kiramekaseru no sa
Sore ga moshimo boku nara
Mou ichido kimi no kokoro wo
Towa no yashashisa de atatameruyo

Junsu sat there in shock, watching as these two girls belt out both the high and low notes in unison. His arms felt tingly as Goosebumps formed.

Skye sat next to him, chuckling. “I’m just kidding, Onii-san. We just wanted to sing this song for you because it was my favorite song.”

Raynne sat on the other side of him.

“No, we just thought that you looked sad.”

Her cool appearance clashed with the vibrant Skye on the other side. He still couldn’t see how these two could be working together when they were so opposite of one another. Besides being musically in-tune that is.

“Ne, Junsu-Nii, let’s dance!”

Junsu looked at the younger one confused. “Where?”

With an unseen signal, both girls hooked arm around both of Junsu’s empty arms.

“You’ll see.”

The Trio walked to the Wreck Room, passing the lounge without looking at the occupants; the male occupants looked in envy, wanting to follow as well.

Junsu smirked towards them as they continued down across the room, easily visible to them.

Skye and Raynne led him to a DDR machine, adorning matching smirks.

“Do you think you could beat us?”

Junsu grinned, “Of course!”

Nodding their heads, Skye and Raynne first stepped onto the platform stretching their limbs.
Skye was wearing a cute, white summer dress with black Vans whereas Raynne was wearing black shorts with a black halter with white Vans. Picking a hard song, both of them started to sway with the music.

When the first arrow approached, followed by multiple arrows, Skye and Raynne moved together as if the were reflections. The loud speakers from the platform drew in people from the lounge. The SNSD girls grimaced in distaste, watching the duo sweat and laugh.

They murmured to themselves, claiming that the two of them couldn’t dance in real-life.

Skye overhearing them tapped Raynne’s arm as they continued the song.
“Let’s dance.”

Skye jumped sideways, stepping on the arrows in a 90 degrees fashion. Raynne followed suit, facing Skye. Both of them started to include arm moves, slides, and eventually switching sides with Raynne.

The boys were cheering and enjoying the spectacle whereas the SNSD girls glared with hatred from the sides.

“Who likes sweaty girls?” they murmured to themselves. “So gross!” Tiffany cried.

Meanwhile, Changmin was shivering with anticipation. “Junsu-hyung, let’s play next!”
JaeJoong and Yunho were laughing and talking to each other. “They look pretty cute like that.”
Yoochun just smiled and jumped around with Changmin.

“At least THEY can dance.”

LuckeE J: Enter Changmin

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Glasses and Black Suit and Short Hair

Glasses and Black Suit and Short Hair

Mood: Depressed
Music on Repeat: I Miss You

LuckeE J

It was another typical day for E.J. Shim. She cleaned in the morning, went grocery shopping in the afternoon, and had the rest of the day to kill. Laying on the plush white loveseat, she shivered in anticipation. Thankfully, God has blessed her with a great day; today was the day she was finally going to make love. He would never know what hit him.

It has been a long month for the both of them.

Changmin was busy touring in Southern Asia. Although he was reluctant to leave his wife so early in their marriage, being a member of DBSK calls for constant attention. Due to the popularity of the group, E.J. would be unable to follow him in the tours, in danger from the rabid fan girls. Thankfully, Changmin was able to call E.J. every day on their couple phones; he could afford the international charges.

The house was cool and dark, just the way he liked it. Stepping through the automated door, Changmin could see the starry night from his penthouse flat. The shimmering lights from Seoul below casted holiday lights into the room, subtle enough to be pleasing to the eyes. The only thing missing from the picture was his lovely wife. She’d be in for a big surprise; he came an hour earlier than planned!

Walking towards their bedroom, he noticed the door was slightly ajar. Silently sliding through, he noticed her figure in the middle of the large bed.  Boy was HE in for a surprise! Her wet hair shined with the Seoul lights from the window as she writhed in pleasure. Her naked body was still wet from her previous bath and her sweat combined with her exercise. Her long fingers were lost between her legs as they played her like a harp. One hand was on a nipple, teasing and pinching it as if it were a mouth. Watching her mewl with pleasure was all he could take. Quickly stripping, he silently worked his way next to her.

E.J. was frustrated. No matter how much she came, she could not feel relieved. The heat from the bath did little to help alleviate her mood. Since she had an hour to get ready, she thought she’d try to relieve some of the tension from below.

By the time he reached her side, the blanket beneath her was wet from the juices she secreted. Growling deep from his throat, he took charge. She shouldn’t waste such juices! With a vengeance, he descended onto her nether lips, capturing the falling liquid onto his tongue. He grabbed the finger rubbing her clit and continued to pleasure her herself. Another hand fell upon a nipple, tweaking and teasing it as her other hand was. She instantly came into his mouth as his tongue eagerly lapped the nectar.

She could only moan and breathe deeply as she tried to catch her breath. No one could make her feel such away besides her husband. Climbing up her body, leaving some kisses on the way, he finally hovered above her, reaching her mouth. He devoured her mouth with a hungry kiss. So consumed with showing her how much he missed her, he didn’t realize her tying something to his hands. When they parted he glanced at her with love, happy to be with her again. Yet her eyes were glinting with a devious look.

Pulling the velvet ribbons together, she quickly tied them up, causing his arms to be raised above him. He looked at her dumbfounded as she slowly climbed down his body, her back facing him. “This is what you get for interrupting me.”

Slowly, she bent towards the head of his cock, licking the head. The large, engorged member flinched at the slight touches. He moaned as she continued her descent. Taking the large member into her mouth, she moved her tongue around it, letting her small hands grab any exposed area. Her wet pussy hovered above him, taunting him with what he could have. He tried to crane his neck up to kiss the dripping lips but she would quickly evade him.
He moaned at the pleasure she gave him. Yet being unable to taste her drove him crazy; He was reduced to tugging on the ribbons as she continued her attentions. Below her, the struggling man finally pulled free of his bonds.
Grabbing her butt, he finally tasted her as a drop fell onto his face.  E.J. took out the penis out of her mouth, moaning at the sensation.  Continuing the massage, she gasped, “This…is your punishment!” Changmin continued to ravage her, enjoying the taste of her nectar on his tongue. They came together in a matter of moments, her walls tightening around his tongue as his cock twitched in its release.

Sitting up, E.J. lay besides Changmin. His warmth was inviting and she missed the security his arms brought as he cradled her to his side.  “That was mean!” Changmin pouted, his eyes closed in contentment. “You shouldn’t have surprised me like that,” E.J. cutely retorted, chuckling as she snuggled closer to his arms.
“Then that means I can punish you too, right?”

Before E.J. could ponder about his statement, he had already held her in his arms and walked into the bathroom. The large bathroom held a mirror that covered an entire wall. In front of it was a barber-stool-like chair for Changmin’s hair. Sitting down in it, he sat E.J. on top of him. Lifting her legs onto the arm rests, he spread her legs out. E.J. could only blush as she could see everything he did to her.

His large hands travelled around her body, dipping into her dripping wet lips. He slowly slid his member into her quivering lips. Her wet walls allowed him to slide in easily without any pain. Steadying her waist, he pumped into her slowly, watching themselves on the large mirror.

“You’re so beautiful.”


“I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.”


“I love you.”

With each statement, he pumped into her as deep as he could. E.J. forgot her own embarrassment as the alluring picture in front of her played continuously. She could see where they were connected as one, the sweat on their bodies, and Changmin’s handsome face scrunch up with concentration with each thrust.
Who knew punishment could be so fun?

LuckeE J: Enter YooChun

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Mood: Solemn
Music on Repeat: PROUD

LuckeE J

Disclaimer: Fictional situations based on real people.

Blah blah= Lyrics or emphasis

Blah blah= background scenario

“Blah blah”= Talking

Perhaps it was by chance.

The black and white cars stopped at a stoplight.

Time was going by fast, too fast. Raynne quickly walked out of the large campus and onto the semi-busy road back home. Clutching her books to her chest, she set out for home, leaving the large dusty Seoul University behind her.

I’m going to pass through quickly

Well I just wonder which season I’ve already passed

I walk passed the scenery I’m already use to seeing

I can’t slip away from the far away memories alone like this

If she was walking down that same path a few months ago, she’d still be in awe of the large trees above her. It was the height of spring, and flowers have blossomed on the trees, snowing upon the walking inhabitants underneath. However, with spring, came midterms. Brushing by people and muttering her human nutrition terms under her breath, she was unable to see exactly where she was going.

Pain and white stars danced in front of her eyes. Dizzy from the impact of the blow, she noticed it was only her head that was spinning. Holding delicate hands to her head, Raynne tried to keep the world from moving around. Finally after it all calmed down, she noticed that she wasn’t on the hard ground. Instead she was sitting on someone’s lap, her head resting on a strong, broad chest.

Ignoring the odd stares of the passing people, she glanced at her “chair”. Fixing her glasses, she found herself on a man. Clad in a black beanie, dark sunglasses, a navy blue v-neck, black and white long-sleeved flannel, and skinny jeans the man looked down at her with a sheepish smile. Since she was so close to him, she immediately knew who he was. Amazed at his presence, Raynne blinked owlishly at him, trying to discern whether he was truly the Mickey from DBSK.

Shock ran through her body. Wincing and waiting for the impending large screams, Yoochun was shocked at her calm composure. Standing up and brushing the dust from her jeans, she held a hand for him. She was surprised herself that she was acting so calm, despite the fact that in the inside, she was glittery and nervous.

The two cars sped off when the signal changed, constantly staying at the same course.

So that I don’t lose the place that I go to…

That time I met you

On this street, I met you by chance

Even now I don’t forget, from that day on

Everything, like the sad things, the things I carried in anxiety, everything

Through your warmth changes into memories

Proud of your love

Her soft gaze filled him with warmth; he felt giddy, there was finally someone normal around him.  The strange feelings she invoked in him made him want to run; he doesn’t even know her name. She probably knows everything about him. He told himself he couldn’t do it. All the previous girls proved that he couldn’t. No, no more pain for anyone. Yet as much as he didn’t want to, he did. He took her hand.

The black car sped in front of the white car, leading it passed the traffic.

The two shells I picked up

Once again the miracle of being able to meet you

If you let me be by your side

The inside of my heart will begin to have kind feelings

Raynne couldn’t believe this was happening. They were actually together. Their bodies boldly touched as they danced to their ancestral dance. The empty feelings in the both of them started to fill up, at a frightening speed.

The white car was close to the black car, almost rear-ending it with its close approximation.

Even if a violent rain is falling

Even in strong winds

His angry eyes scared her. It cut through the darkness. He wasn’t angry at her, yet he was. He thought it was all a game, an experiment, a test of his own heart. Yet he was angry at the outcome. His most feared event was happening and he didn’t want it. He couldn’t have it. Why? Her tears made his heart clench in pain. But he ignored it. Glancing at her one last time, he left, ignoring her cries. The monsoon winds whistled through his ears, yet he could still hear her.

The black car angrily roared its engine before veering off course and down the hill, leaving the white car behind.

I will protect this love

If you are here then surely I can get over this

Because I am beginning to be able to think like this, so that I never lose this hand

Let’s always look towards the important times

Music was his solace. Music was her solace. He could see her in everything he did. “What’s wrong, Yoochun? What’s with the sad lyrics?” Jae Joong questioned. Pain continued to build every day. Nothing could give him any succor.

Skye was dumbfounded at the depressed picture Raynne made on her sofa, staring out at nothing. The phone rang and still, Raynne  didn’t run to answer it with hopes of it being him.  Skye picked it up, ready to kill the person on the other line when it was Sharon, Raynne’s best friend. Silently handing the phone, Raynne picked it up, laughing in her mind at her lack of reaction.

“Raynne, I was wondering if you could visit me in Rhode Island for the winter break. I think it’ll be a good way to easy your mind and your heart. Jared and I wouldn’t mind.”

Glancing at the concerned face of Skye, Raynne knew she shouldn’t stay here any longer. Her year at Seoul is ending as it was. There was no reason for her to stay.



He was livid. Red poured into his line of vision, figuratively. The phone in his hand was dropped into the wet streets as he continued to storm across the familiar path to her house, oblivious to the harsh raindrops on his skin. She was leaving him for good, and he couldn’t let that happen. Not when he knew he couldn’t let go of the best thing that happened to him since being in DBSK.

The apartment was sparsely furnished, his things untouched. Her belongings were packed neatly in two suitcases by the door. He was afraid that he missed her, but the sound of the shower running let him know where she was.

She’d miss the shower head, the smell of his body soap and shampoo mingling with her own, and him.  Letting the water rush over her, she let herself enjoy this last shower in Korea. The hot water ran over her head, blocking out the sounds outside her head.

He stood there, watching her stand under the shower head. Quickly disrobing, he entered the shower. The cool gust of air was only the little warning she got before a familiar body pressed against her back. Large, strong arms encircled her small body. Instantly she started crying in fright and pain; she tried to wrench herself out of his grasp.

“No! Please, No! Not now!”

She cried and hollered, clawing at his hands and at anything she could reach. Yet with all the desperate tries, nobody would come for her. Not with the soundproof walls surrounding them.

Defeated, she sobbed on his shoulder, tired from the countless battles. He held her to him, trying to remember everything about her; her scent, her hair, her skin, her love.  Goosebumps formed, whether from the change in temperature or him, who knew, making her shiver, pressing her to him. Groaning at the slight friction caused by the action, he started to trail kisses down her neck. Her sobbing died down as she was confused at his actions. Did he not want her?

Tiredly she pushed herself away from him, her back meeting the cool shower wall.  “Why?” That was the only thing she could ask. Her face was shallow, sunken in by the lack of nutrition. Her body was even thinner than before and he could see her ribs poking out from her skin. Devastated at what he had caused, he fell to his knees, crying with shame and sorrow. Wrapping his large arms around her waist, he nuzzled his head at her stomach, silently asking her to forgive him.

Hesitantly, her arms wrapped around his head, telling him all was forgiven. Smirking into her skin, he knew just how to make it up to her. Shuddering at sudden change in the atmosphere, Raynne never knew what would exactly hit them…her.

Wet kisses danced around her stomach, making her squirm at the forgotten yet familiar feeling.  Trailing downwards, he nipped at her nether lips. Lifting her up on to his shoulders, he entered the warm cavern. Bursts of light exploded under her lidded eyes as she moaned her pleasure at his tongue. He continued to suckle at her, making her feel more and more pleasure with each flick of a tongue or nibble. After her third climax, he licked at all her juices, moaning into her skin. She tasted pure and sweet, making his member throb at what it would do.

Standing up, he wrapped her long legs around his waist, securing her for the ride. Pushing himself into her, he pumped into her with an unimagined roughness. Gripping at her waist, he continued to pound into her against the wall, slapping her bottom with each thrust.

“Say you want my cock, Bitch” Yoochun commanded, grabbing a breast and pulling on a nipple.

Cumming at the words, she breathily said, “I want your cock!” Her voice was already hoarse from her screams of pleasure.

He continued to pound into her. Suddenly, he pushed her down and entered from behind, her breast and cheek pushed against the cool wall. A hand went down to play with her swollen clit while he pulled on her hair. “Cum for me, my Bitch!”

Screaming his name, she felt her release start off his own, his seed emptying into her womb. Sighing, she fell against him, knowing he’d catch her. Resting his forehead on hers he looked at her as they panted for breath. “Marry me.”

Finishing their shower, he carried her off to their bed to continue their lovemaking.

Meanwhile, a very impatient Skye was distracted by her husband whereas a clueless Sharon sat in her boyfriend’s lap.

Under the rain, the black car stood in front of the white car.

On this street, we met by chance

Even now I don’t forget, from that day forward

Living, believing, will this is change into happiness

Forever, let’s walk together

Proud of your love

“Dang-shi, Hurry up!” Yoochun said, YooHyun on his shoulder. Broken from her reverie, Raynne smiled brightly to her husband and son, forgetting the cloudy past. “Yobo, wait for me!” Clutching at his free hand, they continued to their journey to Seoul University, under the cherry blossom road.

The black and white car faded into the fog. In the sunrise, a silver Ford Expedition stood in their wake.

The End.

Note: Ford Expedition is not mine, but it could hold up to 5-6 sons comfortably.

LuckeE J: Enter Junsu

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Mood: Adventurous
Music on Repeat: Sky by DBSK

LuckeE J

Disclaimer: TFS- Totally Fictional Situations.
Warning: Explicit content. Must be of eighteen of age or older.

It was nearing the end of summer, yet the dying day was still hot. “Take a hot shower whenever you’re hot!” Skye’s voice rang through Raynne’s mind. Releasing her messy bun, dark brown tresses fell to the girl’s lower back. The cool black marble flooring made her hot body cool a little. Entering the vast bathroom, the pale college student shuddered at the thought of the impending midterms as she glanced at the multicolored post-its on the mirror. Staring at herself, she grimaced at the mirror, her reflection displeasing. Black bags drooped from her tired green eyes. If the heat didn’t kill her, the tests would.

Turning on the stereo nearby, she let the sounds of Coldplay wash over hear, slightly easing her tiredness. She ignored the large bathtub in favor of a quick shower; she had to go back to studying as soon as possible. Stepping through the glass shower door, she let the cold water splash against her hot skin. As the water warmed, steam floated up, clouding everything in the room.

The music was soft as the elevator opened to the floor of his penthouse. Knowing that his little cat was not expecting his early return, he quietly ran around the large flat, eager to ease her stress.

After fifteen minutes of preparation, he knew that she was going to be getting out of the shower soon. Dressing the appropriate clothing for the special occasion, he quickly walked to the master bathroom. The steam brushed by his face, instantly making his face red from the heat. Leaning against the white marble sink and filing the post-it idea in his mind, he watched as she finished her shower. The steam was frosted at the right parts of the glass, preventing him from peeking at her form. Growling low to himself, he mentally noted to fix it to a non-fog glass shower door. Remembering the reason for his visit, he quickly did what he needed to do and ran out the door just as the shower shut off.

The hot shower did wonders to her sore body, causing her to go pass her designated time period. Wrapping the large fluffy towel around her body, she squeezed the excess water out of her hair. Flipping it over a slim shoulder, she stepped out, feeling instantly cooler as the steam drifted off with her body heat. Reaching over her pile of clothes, she found them to be her string bikini rather than her tank top and shorts. Instantly she could smell the faint Aqua Di Gio on her clothes and in the air. Shaking her head at his antics, she quickly put on the “bikini”, which was held up only by a few choice pieces of blue string. She grimaced at how it barely covered her breasts and her lower regions. Sighing, she walked out of the bathroom.

The first thing she saw was blue rose petals leading her outside to the private balcony with the hot spring. Giggling cutely to herself, she followed them, instantly forgetting her midterms. Stepping out to the balcony, she felt as if she stepped into a secluded forest. She never failed to be in awe at the lavishly decorated hot spring. It was cut from a blue rock and the natural moss covered floor made it look natural despite its unnatural color. There in the center of the hot spring was her lover, his back to her. His head was tilted up, looking at the orange hued sky. The little Japanese maple trees failed to block the sky’s beauty from them, but rather accenting it with its red colored leaves.

Tone arms rested on the rock as the hot spring continued to give off steam. He looked like a forbidden water fairy from a fantasy movie. Raynne quietly tip-toed to his unsuspecting back, excited to surprise him herself. She kneeled behind him, giving him a back massage. Leaning his head against her abundant bosom, he closed his eye in contentment. He wasn’t expecting her massage, but he wasn’t one to protest. He had before in the past, but she was such a stubborn spitfire that he knew not to, anymore.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Junsu turned around to see his love. There kneeling in front of him, she looked at him in question. Laughing he reached up to her and gave her a chaste kiss. Gathering her in his arms, he gently lowered her to his lap. Shifting her so that she faced him, he hugged her tightly. Nuzzling at her neck, he smiled on her skin as he felt her shift and brush his black hair with her fingers.

Her flowery yet spicy scent calmed his tired body and brought him much pleasure. Kissing her neck, he continued to shower her with kisses. Moaning at a particular hard kiss at the juncture of her neck, he continued ravaging her. Standing up, he leaned her against the side of the rock that slightly jutted out from the wall. Shifting part of the blind like strings, he was able to unveil her rosy buds. Diving in before she could register it, he suckled on one while he rolled the other with his hand.

Legs wrapped around his waist, Junsu was able to enjoy her without the fear of dropping her. Using his teeth, he slightly bit at the redden nipple, causing her to squeal at the contradictory feelings of pain and pleasure. Switching to the other side, he let his hands squeeze her butt, pushing her toward his harden member. He had decided long ago to forgo trunks when it came to the hot spring and was glad he did.

Tightening her legs around his waist, she impatiently pulled on one of his side bangs. “More,” She moaned, as he continued to tease her nipples. Smirking into her skin, he continued his slow pace in enjoying her body, secretly pleased that she wanted him so much. His hands roamed everywhere making her feel hotter with each brush of his hand. Groaning impatiently, she pleaded with him to ease her pain.

Quickly holding her up, he sat her on his shoulders. Leaning her butt on the rock, he brushed passed the strings and licked her dripping core. Splayed over the rock she writhed at the intense feeling. He continued to lick at her, his coarse tongue driving her crazy. Moving his hand towards her hand, he guided it to a breast, letting her long fingers roll the nipple. Continuing the movement, she continued playing with a breast as his fingers danced patterns on her stomach. His tongue flicked at her bundle of nerves, causing her to moan and jump.

Quickening the movements of his tongue, she was able to orgasm from his petting. He always made her daring and adventuresome, increasing her sexual prowess. Lying on the cool rock, she shivered as she felt her orgasm pass. Feeling exhilarated and relaxed for the first time, she felt him move in front of her. Gently carrying her back down to the water, he let her body warm up in the hot water. Rubbing her skin, he gently sat her on his lap. Facing him, she blushed at his intense stare. He sat there admiring her shy expression. Despite her eagerness in bed, she could be quite the shy girl whenever she was sober.

Licking the skin covering her pulsing vein, she tilted her neck to the side to give him more excess. She mewled as he continued to distract her from her earlier embarrassment. Pushing his throbbing member at her core, she moaned at the slight friction. Pushing back, he quickly entered her. Her tight, hot walls clenched against his member, causing him to groan at her neck. Sliding in and out of her in a slow pace, he urged her to want more. Not failing to disappoint, she growled and glared at him, her switch in place. Leaning back in his seat, he let her set her legs at his hips. Grinding, she moaned as she rode his cock. It hit deep within her with each push. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her working him. Holding her hips, he steadied her as she continued to find their pleasure together.

Gripping his shoulders, she continued to move her hips, feeling each thrust hit deep within her. The friction near her clitoris made her cum instantaneously. He smiled as she rested on top of him, breathing hard from the strenuous exercise. Brushing her damp hair, he enjoyed the feeling of being buried deep within her. They sat there, enjoying the atmosphere and one another’s presence. Sitting up, she slowly eased herself off of him, whimpering at the lost. Now sitting next to him, she cuddled to his side as he rested an arm on her shoulder. They both looked at the sky, watching the reds, blues, pinks, violets, oranges and blacks clash with the dying sun.

Feeling her breathe deeply, Junsu knew she was sleeping. Gathering her into his large arms, he got out of the hot spring. Walked towards their shared bedroom, he set her on the bed. Lying next to her, he watched the night sky through the glass roof. Her head rested on his arm as she cuddled near his side for warmth. Even though he would have leave soon for the tour in Malaysia, he was glad he was able to enjoy some time with her. Thinking of the small box in his coat, he knew he’ll be asking her soon and after the tour and midterms. Happy with what he had so far, he continued to look at the twinkling stars. Happy Autumn!

(Author’s note: Apparently his favorite season is Autumn)

LuckeE J: Enter JaeJoong

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I'll give it to you <3

I'll give it to you ❤

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LuckeE J

Jae Joong

Disclaimer: Purely fictional situations

Raynne glanced out the thirtieth floor window, watching the snow drift down. Sitting on the little alcove it provided, she balled herself under the red flannel throw. He wasn’t coming. He lied. It was already the third month without any of his promised letters. It was bad enough they couldn’t even enjoy their honeymoon, being mobbed by fans everywhere. Tears helplessly fell from her sorrowful eyes as she reminisced about the few memories they shared. A warm hand fell on her shoulder. “It’s okay Skye, I’m okay, really.” The said hand handed her a cup of hot tea. Sitting up, Raynne let her forehead rest on the cool window, while the hot tea warmed her hand. The hand on her shoulder didn’t leave, but gave her a sense of comfort.

The silence was deafening, but the only thing anchoring her in the world was the hand on her shoulder. Closing her eyes painfully slow, she sighed feeling tired of the world. Raynne spent most of the time cooking with Skye and her husband, learning to be a proficient cook. But cooking wasn’t her passion, and it too slowly bored her. Unable to fill the empty void in her heart, she would rearrange their furniture, only to find it too painful with all the memories hidden within the rooms. Thankfully, Skye tried to occupy her with various tasks and let her live in the extra guest room. But Skye couldn’t always be there. Working as a full time mom and personal chef is difficult while trying to help a emotionally fragile friend.

Raynne glanced out the window, staring at the lights beneath past the snow flurries. She chuckled brokenly, as she watched the people walk in the cold, with couples huddled together under the same umbrella. So lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice herself being carried to her room and onto her bed, placing the forgotten tea cup on the nearby bed table. Clad only in a silky black nightgown, it hung on her thin frame, her constant boredom and depression preventing her from eating anything but what Skye could shove down.

Large, calloused hands gently laid her down on the silk bed sheets, it’s cool velvet texture feeling like water. The dark room, illuminated only by her red Chinese lamp by her bed post, personified her own heart. The hands roamed over her body, massaging the limbs to stimulate the blood. Feeling warm after a long time, Raynne moaned at the comforting feeling, waking from her brief comatose state. The shadow of a man stood over her, but strangely, she felt calm and relaxed for the first time. His Aqua Di Gio made her feel as if she had taken her first breath of air. Now knowing who was above her, she couldn’t help but let the tears fall with happiness.

Bending down to kiss the tears away, Raynne was now able to see his face in the dim light. Jae Joong, her Jae Joong, looked worn and tired himself, bags under his eyes testifying to long nights. On the outside, he looked fine, but she knew he was just as worn as she was, as his iridescent eyes stared at her, and only her. With each breath, she felt her strength returning. The desire to touch him too great, she wrapped her arms around his neck, leading him to a much overdue kiss. As their lips touched, they instantly opened their mouths to a tongue battle for dominance. His slick tongue pushed past hers, exploring every inch of the cavern. Moaning deep from the back of throat, she let her hands wander his body. Each touch reminded her of what she had forgotten; every crevice, muscle, and skin was not left untouched. When they broke from their kiss, she cried tears of joy, knowing he was truly there and not a dream. Reach to his face, she held her hand on his cheek. His eyes closed comfortably, a smile adoring his face. She continued to stare at him as he enjoyed her presence.

Opening his eyes, Jae Joong stared down at her, his eyes apologetic for all the broken promises. Tense for her reaction, he instantly relax as she smiled at him with understanding and forgiveness. Rubbing his nose on hers he whispered the only words spoken that night, “Thank you.” Hugging her, she hugged him back, enjoying the warmth and silent communication only they could understand. As they held each other for a few minutes, Jae Joong reluctantly released her so he could look at her face. She glanced up at him with pure trust in her eyes as she laid there waiting for his next move. Unable to help himself, Jae Joong kissed her again, this time desperate and with need. His hands made quick work of her nightgown, leaving her in her birthday suit. Blushing, Raynne tried to cover herself, but Jae Joong, pushed her arms to her side, shaking his head. Her black hair sprawled on her white pillow gave her the image of a fallen goddess, whereas her pale skin stood out amongst it. At the glance of her large breasts, he lost himself to his passion for this little woman. Suckling on a breast, he let go of his hand in favor of massaging a breast. Arching her back towards his mouth, she mewled with pleasure at the sudden action. Feeling his button up shirt against her skin, she quickly removed his shirt and unzipped his jeans. It being tight jeans, they had to pause their actions in order to get them off (:D)

After all the clothes were tossed to the floor, they resumed their lovemaking as if nothing had happened. Trailing wet kisses down her stomach, he stopped in front of her vaginal lips. Their heady scent drove him crazy as the sweet glistening nectar called out for him to taste. Unable to resist, he kissed those lips, letting his tongue drive up the tight cavern. The taste of her made him shudder with pleasure as she cried out his name with joy. As he continued to lick at her flowing juices, he applied pressure at her bundle of nerves with his teeth, enjoying her squirming underneath him. Holding her hips, he relentlessly attacked, causing her to orgasm. Shuddering at the strength of her orgasm, she moaned as he greedily licked up the overflowing nectar.

Climbing up to her mouth like a snake, he kissed her hard, allowing her to taste herself on his lips. Filled with an overwhelming feeling of want, she wrapped herself against him, rubbing her wet lips to his hard member. Groaning at the friction, he grounded back. As he felt himself get slick from her natural juices, he let himself slide into her waiting warmth, hissing with pain and pleasure at her tight sheath. Clenching him for all he’s worth, which is a lot, she ‘punished’ him for leaving her alone for so long unattended to. Taking shuddering breaths, he nipped at her neck in apology and amusement at her childish antics. For revenge, he slowly slid out of her, feeling her clench at him to bring in despite her intentions. Smirking at her body’s reaction, he slowly re-entered her. Following the slow pace, he felt her trying to speed the process. Growling at the torturous pace, she glared daggers at him. Chuckling, he kissed her nose and started to pump faster.

Wrapping her long, tone legs around his waist for leverage, she met each thrust with her own. Seeing light shows behind her lidded eyes at each thrust, she chanted his name in a mantra. Breathing shakily, he continued his fast pace. Feeling his impending release, he flipped her over to her knees without breaking his rhythm. Driving harder into her, Raynne moaned into her arms as she was lifted onto his penetrating cock. With the coil springing from the force of his thrusts, she felt her orgasm wash over her. The walls clenched his member with a vice grip, causing his own release. Slowing down, they rode out their orgasm, feeling the spasms wash over them like water.

Falling onto the bed, he wrapped his arms around her, still deep within her. Resting her head on his shoulder, she closed her eyes, finally feeling the peace she deserved. His broad shoulders hit her back, giving her a sense of comfort. Kicking the comforter over them, Jae Joong nuzzled his face into her hair, appreciating the mix of their scents.

As the sleeping couple slept soundly, the doors to the condo opened. Skye, the short oddball personal chef of the famous DongBangShinGi walked in expecting to see her friend still at the window only to see her gone with the flannel throw on the floor; it trailing to her slightly opened door. Peeking into the door, she and her husband looked in only to see the slumbering couple in dreamland. Giggling, she whispered naughty things to her husband, not knowing that the slumbering male had sensitive hearing. Lifting his head, he glared at the young girl, who was like an adopted sister, but annoying nonetheless. Weakly chuckling, the small girl waved as she and her husband walked out of the room, their faces pale and ashen from the death glare. Looking at each other, they nodded in understanding. They left the mail bag full of letters in front of the door for Raynne to read. The letters were lost and sent to the wrong apartment complex; in fact the apartment complex across the street. Walking to their own bedroom, they quietly talked about what they saw. Seeing how late it was, they quickly went to bed.

Meanwhile, in the dark room next door, Jae Joong glanced down at the angel in his arms. The moonlight hit her face, giving her an unearthly glow. Smiling and thanking God above him, he snuggled into her warmth. He forgot the unreplied letters and was just happy to be with her. Setting his head on the pillow he let sleep take him. Inside his heart, he felt it warm up and its fire burn steadily. Raynne snuggled closer to him, feeling warm everywhere, even in the inside.